The Route to Healthy Roots

Great infrastructure, beautiful beaches, stunning buildings, the ever shining sun… there are many incomparable benefits of living in Dubai. However, a common woe amongst most Dubai residents is their hair problems.

Right from hair loss due to water quality, to sweat and grease due to the hot climate and clothing, bad diets contributing to bad hair health, pollution and dandruff as well as dry hair from all the blow-dries and hairstyles (after all we’ve got to look ah-maz-ing for that party) – hair complaints in all shapes and shades are rampant.

So, how does one go about tackling these hair problems? Where do you start? The first step is to distinguish between scalp and hair problems. And you guessed it; the route to healthy hair is through healthy roots a.k.a. get that scalp problem sorted.

Start with a professional consultation. Depending on the severity of your scalp/hair condition, you could go to a nutritionist, dermatologist or trichologist.

But in most cases, your starting point could be your hairdresser. They are well-placed to analyse the condition of your scalp and recommend a treatment or treatment plan with professional products as needed.

Professional salon brands such as Schwarzkopf, Kerastase, Kevin Murphy, Redken etc. all offer different products to address common scalp conditions, and a good salon should not restrict itself to one brand. Coya Spa prides itself on offering a variety of haircare treatments and brands to its clients, so as to be able to customize the most effective and relevant scalp treatment.

Certain ingredients and components prove effective for different conditions – keep an eye out for these components in the treatments for the following common problems:

Hair Loss –  Aminexil or Rhamnose

Sensitive Scalp – Calophyllum (which calms irritation and has anti-inflammatory properties)

Dandruff – Anti-pelliculaire products, with Zinc and Salicylic acid

Oily Scalp – Glycine and Salicylic acid

Scalp Cleansing – Clay masks for scalp. Keep an eye out for one that has Japanese ‘moringa’ sea-weed – these are extracted from depths of 40 metres, untouched by light. These are great to clear out the effects of pollution from the scalp.

All these hair treatments and more are available at CoyaSpa Hair Salon in Dubai.

Call 04 601 5555 to book your hair consultation and treatment with our hair experts.

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