Selfie Obsessed Culture

We are living in the modern world of science, technology, and digital tools. We are using digital gadgets and tools in our daily routine life. Modern technology now has become a part of our life. We cannot deny the value and importance of modern devices and tools. Being human, it is in our nature to save the beautiful moments of our life in different ways. In old times, people use different kinds of analog cameras to save pictures of different ceremonies.

Now the time has become totally changed. Modern technology has been revolutionized the whole world. Now the whole world is like a global village. We can contact our loved ones very easily and also can share videos, text, and pictures with them. With the help of android mobile phones, we can save and share many pictures on our mobile phone for future use.

As we all have many friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. The purpose of social media is to share knowledge and information with friends. But we are misusing social media by sharing our selfies and pictures. The selfie trend has become very common these days all over the world. People upload selfies on social media on a daily bases. In this article, we will discuss why people have become selfie-obsessed these days and how to get rid of this term.

Why selfies?

When somebody holds a smartphone at arm’s length and takes pictures of the face only this is called selfie. Now many people are using selfie sticks for this purpose. People take selfies to share their experiences with their relatives and friends. Some people take a selfie and upload on social media to get the attention of other community. It is an interesting fact about selfies that we always focus on a selfie instead of circumstances around us.

We want more likes and positive comments and sharing from our social media friends. Many people take a selfie when they are in a happy mode and upload it to share happiness with friends. Mostly girls take their selfies and share with friends to express their beauty and attraction. Selfie also provides many opportunities for success on social media. We have seen many people who got famous just due to their single selfie on social media. You will feel good when you got positive comments from your friends and in this way you can boost your confidence level. The main feature of a selfie is, you don’t need to be a professional photographer. Now there are many good quality selfie cameras available on google play store. You can download any of them and can enjoy yourself.

Should we avoid selfies?

We cannot deny the importance and features of selfies in this modern world. It has many positive psychological effects but excessive use of this term can produce negative effects as well. As it is a well-known proverb “excess of anything is not good”. According to the latest research on the selfie, people who take selfies on a regular basis can have psychological issues. These kinds of people may start to admire themselves in every field of life. According to medical science, when you take a selfie in a group, people come closer to each other and germs can attack yourself.

Your data can be misused very easily these days. Hackers can use your uploaded selfies in illegal activities. According to research, there are 60% t0 70% chances of misuse of your personal photos. So, always be careful before uploading a photo on your social media account. The most important negative effect of selfie is, people, lose their precious lives just for a selfie. There are many reports available on the internet in which you can find that many people lost their lives just to create a pose while taking a selfie.

Bottom Line

Selfie itself is not a bad term. Everything has positive and negative effects. It all depends on the use of a specific product. We should try to be real in life. We should have knowledge that all stuff on social media is not real. There is nothing wrong if you take one or two selfies on a daily basis, but if you cross the limits then you may have suffered from some negative effects.

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