What is a dental crown & why do I need one?
A dental crown is a hard, protective covering for a tooth. It improves or restores the tooth’s shape and strength, while improving its appearance and utility in daily activities, like eating and talking.

Types of materials: Do they matter?
Most patients don’t even consider asking about the type of material being used for crowns, but permanent crowns do come in a variety
of materials:

  • full white or yellow gold
  •  porcelain fused to metal
  • full zirconium
  • porcelain fused to zirconium

It’s important to discuss what your dentist offers and why he/she is recommending one over the others. There are many differences.

The main areas impacted by each type of material are:

specific medical concerns – like allergies to metal.
aesthetics – light refraction, color choices & how visible it will be.
preservation – of the tooth itself & the surrounding teeth.
overall cost – not just financial, but the long term outcome.

There are 2 main methods when creating & placing a crown:

(often referred to as a “lab-made” or “traditional” crown)

Commonly, crowns require manual impressions & multiple visits to the dentist and the placement of a temporary crown after the tooth is prepared.


(often referred to as a “chairside” or “same day” crown)

Technology perfected over the last 30 years gives dentists tools to prepare and place a permanent crown in a single appointment.
CEREC is a specific brand of same-day dental software and equipment.
A comfortable oral camera provides 3-D digital images of the tooth.
The images are used to digitally design your crown. In minutes, a sophisticated milling machine creates your crown from a single piece of porcelain.


  • The inconvenience of multiple appointments

who has time for that?

  • Potential issues with the temporary crown

now there are even more appointments & pain.

  • Not enjoying all the foods you love

you will need to baby your temporary crown.

  • Messy impressions

who wants a mouthful of gooey paste or putty?

  • Waiting weeks for your permanent crown

elongated time increases your risk of injury.

  • If the crown doesn’t fit

now there is even more time waiting for the lab.

SAME DAY CROWNS: the upside

  • Save time

receive your permanent crown in a single visit.

  • Cost is similar to lab-produced

comparable cost (sometimes less), and with a single visit.

  • Get your permanent crown right away

reduce risk of further injury

  • Resume normal eating

get back to your normal life in a day.

  • Precise digital impressions

we use a small oral camera for comfort & accuracy

  • Natural appearance

no one will know it’s there (but you & your dentist).

  • Reduce hot & cold sensitivity

skip the temperature-conductive metal.

  • Less amount of anesthetic

You will only need to be anesthetized for that one visit

You will only need to be anesthetized for that one visit

1. When appearance is paramount

Teeth contain multiple shades of color, slight irregularity & light refraction. Your dentist can create a very pleasing look of natural teeth with a same day crown by painting on colors with specialized materials. However, if the teeth you need to replace are located toward the front of your mouth and appearance is the highest priority, a same day crown might not give your dentist all the options for creating the most natural result. In a lab, even better results can be achieved by layering
different colors of porcelain. Most dentists who offer same day dentistry, also offer lab-made, traditional crowns.


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