List of Best Tools For Body & Face Hair Removal

There are many people existing in the world with different colors, size, and height. People have different habits according to their residential areas. But almost all people in the world have one thing common and that is hair on the face and on other body parts. It is completely natural and common all over the world. As it is a well-known proverb “excess of anything is not good”. Too much hair on the face and body may reduce our charm and attraction. Therefore people always try to find new ways to remove extra hair on the body.

Many people contact different skincare professionals to get rid of extra hair and some people take help from a different tool. Using tools at home is affordable and can produce short term results. Many people use these kinds of tools at home on a regular basis. But the question is how to find a suitable hair removal tool? As we all know, markets are full of these kinds of tools. We should always try to find a well-known trusty brand and use it with great caution.

The first thing to be kept in mind while using hair removal tools is to make sure you are not using them directly on sensitive skin parts. You should test tools on hard areas of your body for confirmation.

In this piece of content, we will figure out a list of the best tools available for getting rid of body and face hair as well as find home remedies to get rid of extra hair from our face and other body parts.

Shaving manually

There are many methods to remove extra hair from face and body. Shaving with a razor is one of the most common and affordable methods. Many people shave their face at home with the help of razor and save their time and money. Furthermore, we can save ourselves from germs available on shaving tools at a beauty salon.

In this method, we wet our skin and hair in water for a few minutes to soften it, apply shaving cream and shave with a sharp razor blade. Some people use a moisturizer after shaving with a razor to avoid any kind of cuts or pain. This is the most used, quick and effective method to get rid of extra hair.

This method works well for face, legs and arms hair removal.

Waxing can provide better results

This is also a common hair removal technique that can be done at home or anywhere with a complete waxing kit. This method is normally used to create fast and long-lasting effects.Waxing can be used on almost all parts of the body to remove extra hair but it works well on legs and eyebrows.

In this method, we apply wax on our skin and smooth a fabric strip across the specific areas of our body from where we want the removal of hair. This technique pulls out the hair from the root but does not pull all hair in a single step. Therefore some people consider it as a time-consuming and costly hair removal technique.

Use of Epilator

With the passage of time, technology has been changing our daily routine life. Now there are different types of machines and gadgets available in the market to handle our daily work. Similarly, there are many hair removal tools available in the market. For example, an epilator is used to remove multiple hair simultaneously within a second.  This device has many electric tweezers inside that moves on the surface and pulls the hairs. This tool can be used on all body parts to remove extra hair. It can be used on both wet and dry skin and this piece of modern technology gives  long-lasting results.


Tweezing is used to pull out individual hair from small body areas like nose, ear or lips, etc. Many people use tweezers to pull out white hair from their faces. Tweezing just pull out the hairs from the root, therefore it produces long-lasting and effective results. Tweezers should not be used on hard parts of our bodies. We should take great care before using any hair removal tool and try to clean them to avoid any kind of skin infection.


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