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Have you ever dreamed of regaining your youthful-looking skin or prevent and slow down the inevitable change every human being goes through on the road to that golden mystery of deterioration or changing process we call Aging?

Overview: DMK Enzyme Facial Therapy

DMK Facial is not your normal average facial. It is an enzyme treatment designed to promote collagen production, reduction of deep lines, wrinkles and scarring. It also eliminates sun damage, skin pigmentation and discoloration. It rebuilds skin by encouraging the skin’s vital internal processes to function optimally, enabling cells to perform at their highest potential, creating healthier and young-looking skin.

How it works: It stimulates your skin’s natural ability to regenerate from within. An effective method for hydrolyzing dead cell material from the skin tissues, detoxifying the skin of all impurities and lifting and tightening it for a firmer, youthful, glowing appearance. The key of this treatment is an Enzyme which is left on for 45 minutes.

How DMK ENZYME THERAPY Helps You to Look Younger

  • Detoxifies the skin of all impurities to leave a glowing appearance
  • Stimulates your facial muscles to provide an instant lift to tired, sagging skin
  • Firms, tones and tightens the skin for a more youthful appearance
  • Smoothes out the appearance of scars and rough skin
  • Provides an instant, natural face lift

Duration: 2 hours; usually done monthly, depending on the skin’s condition.