Improving Appearance after Dramatic Weight Loss

A rigorous weight loss regimen can help you lose those extra pounds. But what about the loose, heavy folds of skin that are left behind? Diet and exercise cannot help with that! The solution lies in plastic surgery. There are various minimally invasive procedures designed to remove sagging skin and improve the appearance of affected areas such as the arms, thighs, breasts, buttocks, face, and abdomen. Popular procedures include breast lift, tummy tuck, and body lift.

These cosmetic surgical treatments are recommended when

  • A person experiences dramatic weight loss after a diet and exercise regimen or bariatric surgery
  • Weight has stabilized after weight reduction surgery – this usually takes about a year and a half
  • There is skin sag in areas such as the abdomen, neck, breasts, face, arms, back and thighs

Tummy tuck surgery is a great option for a well contoured abdomen. The procedure involves manipulating the skin, tissues, and muscles, and repairs weakened abdominal muscles. The plastic surgeon can also shift the belly button to another position to suit the new shape. A breast lift lifts, firms, and reshapes sagging breasts. Excess skin and tissue are removed and the nipples are positioned higher to improve the bust line.

In case of extreme weight loss, a body lift could be the ideal solution. Excess sagging skin is removed from the abdominal area, and the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, waist, hips, and arms are lifted and tightened. If the buttocks have lost volume, a butt lift can help.

All these surgical procedures carry risks and you should know about them before you go ahead. So discuss your options with your plastic surgeon including the benefits and risks involved. Recovery is easier and quicker with minimally invasive techniques, though the time may vary based on individual conditions. Finally, remember that to be a good candidate for any aesthetic procedure, you should be healthy and not have any chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. You should also have realistic expectations about the outcome. It’s necessary to stop smoking for a few weeks before and after the treatment, and once complete, stick to a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results.

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