How Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Your Mental Health

Cosmetic Surgery Ad in China

Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques. There are many procedures available namely breast augmentation, dermabrasion, face lifts, hair transplantation etc…..

Frequently mistaken for being driven by vanity, cosmetic surgery can also improve a person’s health and even alleviate anxiety and depression.

For example Sophie (not her real name) from South China Morning Post.

Sophie was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer just three weeks after losing her mother to the disease. When consulting an oncologist and a plastic surgeon in England where she lived at the time, her list of questions included: “Is a double mastectomy my best chance of survival given my strong family history? And can you reconstruct my boobs immediately, please?”

The answer to both questions was yes. Three years on, the Hong Kong-based mother-of-two says plastic surgery helped to bolster her confidence during the bleakest period of her life.
“I was an emotional wreck when my mum died. I saw what cancer did to her and I hated the thought of my children seeing me deteriorate in the same way. Plastic surgery helped me look and feel more complete. Plus, I love having pre-pregnancy boobs again. Having choices made me feel like I had some control over my body at a time when everything around me was spiralling out of control,” Sophie says.

Cosmetic procedures are on the rise in the whole world. Studies have shown that people who seek cosmetic surgery generally feel better about their appearance after the surgery. This can improve their confidence, self esteem and can lead to more social interactions. It can give you the power of control and importance. You will be more successful in your job when you are in high spirits looking attractive. Patients who underwent breast augmentation and reduction surgeries were among the most satisfied.

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