Add-Ons for Enhanced Digital Services

Go the Extra Mile and Achieve More with our Additional Services

  • Website Upgrades

    As a digital services provider, we deliver only the best solutions that are unique, intuitive, graphically appealing, exclusive and customized website upgrades as per your needs. We make sure that your web site will have a loading speed of 3-5 seconds, mobile responsive, aesthetically and technically pleasing.

    $277 Starting price

  • Videography

    We believe this is the future. Whether it’s a corporate video or social media teasers, we can deliver amazing stories for multiple usage platforms from story board creation to editing and animation.


  • SEO

    Ensure your business to be noticed by the search engine and ranked to the first page results. Boost your website traffic and conversion rate with our specialized SEO services. A full analysis of your website’s SEO status (health) will be initially carried out. This detailed report outlines all areas of SEO improvement so that your website can be highly optimized and search friendly.

    $136 /month

  • Special Ad Promotion

    This service covers social media promotion that will run for 1 month, millions of people utilize the social media platforms and ideal target for marketing. Malena App will assigned personnel who will become familiar with your products, services and client base. Each month, we will continue to build relationships, link to important sections within your site and develop brand awareness.

    Pricing on Consultation

  • Product Blogs

    Our experienced blogger know what’s up. By staying up to date about modern trends and developments in the ever-changing world of blogging, Malena app brings you top notch content pieces written to inform, inspire, and more importantly, generate leads for your business – this blog will also featured in our website, mobile app and will be post in our social media accounts.


  • Marketing Consultation

    We go above and beyond to deliver results so if you want to succeed online, you’ve come to the right place. we are not trying to be a jack-of-all-trades, we specialize in digital marketing and don’t waste our time (or yours) with anything else. By telling us your goals, we will assure you to craft a step-by-step plan which will help you attain your digital objectives. As experts in the field, we help brands reach their potential in the digital realm.


  • Events - Upon Consultation

    Malena App has a team which are dedicated in providing our clientele one of the state-of-the-art services. Our services are hassle-free, let us know the goal of the event and we will provide you with options that will covers everything from top to bottom.

  • Photoshoot

    Over 10 years of experience in various industry fields, our in-house photographers from Dubai can add magic to your brand – either for fashion, events, biography or e-commerce products we’ve got you covered.