A new smile speaks volumes, and a cancer survivor deserves a reason to celebrate! The oral reconstruction … Dr.Rona Smile Makeover:

A great percentage of cancer survivors are plagued with a number of problems, many of which are related to their oral health. Chemotherapeutic agents and radiation therapy often ravage the oral environment. Dry mouth, rampant decay, and tooth loss create functional and aesthetic issues. The Rona Rabah Dental Group dentists are experts in managing these problems. In addition to the physical manifestations, these patients often suffer from low self-esteem and confidence, which can affect their emotional health. As a Board Member of the Mental Health Association, Dr.Rona Rabah sees and understands how these survivors are affected. A new smile speaks volumes, and a cancer survivor deserves a reason to celebrate! The oral reconstruction performed on Alya over the next few months will rehabilitate her mouth function, restore confidence and renew her self-esteem.


Dr Rona

So happy to share with you the cancer Survivor story of my patient Alya the mother of two boys. After years of chemotherapy and Radiotheray she ended up losing almost all her teeth. After struggling the battlefield of the Breast Cancer, she won her fight exhausted and looking older than her true age with low self esteem.

Initially when I met her I was astonished by her knowledge and awareness, but I wondered there is something about her smile and facial Posture, and I wondered how she will look like when her smile Makeover was designed and delivered?

Initially I tried to talk to her about the importance of restoring her dental health and its impact in enhancing her facial Profile. She was hesitant initially mentioning that she had bad dental experience previously and currently she is on limited budget!!

Here her husband interfered encouraging her to fix her teeth because obviously he misses the smile of his wife.  So we agreed to cooperate together me and her husband to prepare her psychologically, and arranged financially with special discount from RRDC center, in the favor of starting her treatment plan and achieving the smile rehabilitation

I was very eager to encourage her to start treatment, I was very curious to see the Final result of her smile after the smile makeover, her treatment plan included implants, extraction, dental reconstructions, crowns and veneers.

After one month of treatment we achieved the best result and we could place the 3 D veneers and Crowns using the Digital smile design methodology, and treat the retained roots with special dental reconstructions methods with our endodontic specialist.

The day of final cementation of the veneers and crowns I was very proud and happy and she was looking at herself as if she couldn’t recognize herself, a spark enlightened her eyes!!!

I am sharing the photo of me and her happily smiling of our success , also I would like to thank her husband for his support and caring , and I would like to thank the medical team of the Rona Rabah Dental Clinic for their dedication and effort to deliver the best dental results for patients ,.

I wanted to share this story to spread the Awareness for the Breast Cancer. There are about 1.38 million new cases and 458 000 deaths from breast cancer each year (according to WHO). Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide, both in the developed and developing countries. In low- and middle-income countries the incidence has been rising up steadily in the last years due to increase in life expectancy, increase urbanization and adoption of western lifestyles.

Currently there is not sufficient knowledge on the causes of breast cancer, therefore, early detection of the disease remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control. When breast cancer is detected early, and if adequate diagnosis and treatment are available, there is a good chance that breast cancer can be cured. If detected late, however, curative treatment is often no longer an option. In such cases, palliative care to relief the suffering of patients and their families is needed.

The pain and sorrow related to the Cancer agony is so much great and not all ladies can survive, nor the less we cannot forget the damages to her skin and teeth and hair after the chemo and Radio-therapy.

In our multi-specialty center, we can offer the dental rehabilitation with Dr.Rona Rabah the cosmetic dentist and can offer Skin Rejuvenation treatments with Dr.fadel Hasan and Plasctic surgery reconstruction with Dr.Jamil Aljamaly. We are glad to offer almost 40 % discount to all the cancer survivors and ill patients’ families as well as a part pf our social responsibility towards our community.

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