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Malena is your online Aesthetic and Cosmetic community. Your personal online destination to find and book the best Surgeons and Aesthetic treatments around.

The App links the client with medical service providers. Clinics and Doctors via a transparent and well-governed platform.

Malena as a virtual market place gives you access to a variety of aesthetic services and diverse expertise providing you access to art procedures performed with skill and discretion.


Whitening & Clean Teeth

The presence of tartar and plaque is typically manifested by white or yellow patches
on the inner and outer surfaces of teeth.
Dubai – U.A.E

Rona Rabah CLINIC
AED850.00 |  AED700.00

Nefertiti Meso

The treatment name (Nefertiti) comes from the famous Egyptian queen who was famous for her well sculpted
Dubai – U.A.E

Rona Rabah CLINIC
AED900.00 |  AED600.00

Your Summer IV Infusion

IV Infusion Therapy for immune system, stress
Glutathione, detox and anti-aging
Al Wasl Road – Dubai


AED 4800.00  |  AED 3999.00

Intimate Area Rejuvenation (whitening)

Surgical techniques applied to the female genital


Jumeirah Beach Road – Dubai
AED 1250.00  |  AED 1000.00

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Muhammad Abdullah

Such an easy app and process to book doctor appointments without calling hospitals. I got to know Dr. Rabah through Malena Application and without any hassle I booked her online for Friday. It was never that easy before.



Malena Application is an extremely easy application to use with useful features that help me use my insurance and schedule appointments according to my preferred location too! The diverse platform also shares the doctor’s experience and profile for my peace of mind.



Malena Application is the best platform to find a Doctor and the clinics online. This platform share a lot of information about doctors and clinics.


Muhammad Shahzad

I search for a clinic from Malena Application and choose a clinic thats right for my based on location, I book appointments with Malena’s intelligent calendar system.

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